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blank black screen on Ultra 5 tftp install

I set up the RARP and TFTP servers on another machine, put the
tftpboot.img image into /boot, symlinked the necessary file to
tftpboot.img, and went 'boot net' off the Ultra 5.  The U5 got an IP
address, loaded the image, said 'Remapping the kernel...done\nBooting
Linux...', and the screen went black.  Stop+A did not do anything, I had
to power cycle the machine using the power switch on the power supply.

I am just using the standard framebuffer console, not a serial console.

I have tried the tftpboot.img from both woody and potato.  Both do the
same thing.

It is not possible to boot from floppy on this particular U5, as it has
the second hard disk fitted which removes the floppy drive (it has 2
20GB Seagate IDE hard drives fitted).

Any hints greatly appreciated.  If you need any more details about the
machine, just yell.
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