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Re (3): mp3blaster

Thu, 16 May 2002 14:19:15 -0700, Rob wrote,

> Go here ...:
> "http://www.dementia.org/~shadow/sparcaudio.html";

Thanks.  According to that page the 4c machines
have an AMD79c30 chip.  When modconf installs the 
7930 driver there is a brief crackle from the speaker.
 Progress!  At the same time the audio module is 
 installed.  What is it?  A shim between the 7930
 module and the kernel?  Pity that none of the 
 descriptions are present in modconf.
 > (it doesn't look good...)
 True, it is monophonic but that is better than having 
 no sound.

Now when mp3blaster is started on a file the display 
tries to show the Spkr, Line and Mic levels.  Then 
within a few milliseconds there is a bus error and the
blaster quits.

The Web page referenced above mentions "... 
some older kernels don't match the minor device
assignments currently used, the audio snapshots do, 
and you should be using these anyway. All devices 
are character devices with major number 14."
What is this about?  What is an audio snapshot?  
Can anyone elaborate or direct me to documentation 
which will explain in more detail. 

Thanks,      Peter E.

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