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When I first got my Sparc IPX and booted it up, it told me that the NVRAM
was dead, etc. I've dealt with this before, so I bought a new NVRAM chip
from Mouser Electronics. The only problem was, once I installed the new chip
and reprogrammed it, the system still didn't boot properly. When I turn it
on, it stops and says that the POST failed, and I should replace the NVRAM.
It also only checks 1M of RAM, although there is 64 in the system. If I tell
the system to boot from the OpenBoot prompt, it works fine after that, but
will never automatically boot the OS.

The replacement NVRAM I bought was the 200ns variety. I remember reading
somewhere that the IPX is picky, and only accepts one of the available
speeds for the NVRAM chip. Unfortunately, despite much searching on Google
and Google Groups, I can't find which speed chip I want.

Can anyone help me out with this? I'd appreciate it.


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