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Re: Re (2): mp3blaster

On Thu, May 16, 2002 at 09:20:25AM -0700, peter_easthope@gulfnet.sd64.bc.ca wrote:

> > Do you have the appropriate sound card driver loaded? Check "lsmod"
> > output to see.
> As mentioned recently, this is the report 
> from lsmod.
> Module                  Size  Used by
> audio                  19432   0  (unused)
> ipv6                  110172  -1 
> I do not understand it really but modconf
> confirms that the audio driver is installed.
> Well, mp3blaster still fails.  Nobody has
> confirmed that it works on a system 
> similar to this.  Should I report a bug?

I can't remember what sound hardware is in the SS2 -- I have a SS5
that is connected to my stero, acting as an mp3 player.  My box has
the cs4231 hardware (and module), which is the same as the Ultra 1.
However, the SS10 does not really have sound hardware (it uses the
ISDN chipset to handle it, and still needs an external DAC or
something.)  Again, you should verify what sound hardware you actually

OK, I did some digging for you.  Go here (it doesn't look good...):

That said, mp3blaster finally works on Sparc, and works quite well on
my SS5 (which is grossly underpowered by PC standards -- BogoMips :
109.77, with 64MB of RAM).  Even using smbmounted filesystems for the
mp3 files, it sill only uses ~40% of the CPU, and never skips.  (XMMS
failed miserably -- the box just can't keep up with the requirements
for X windows, even with local files.)

I'm going to try and set up JWZ's "gronk" (apache based frontend to
play mp3 files) eventually, since it would be nice to not have to be
tied to a console session, but I like mp3blaster a lot.


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