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Re: Upgrading Ultra 10 Hardware

On Sat, May 04, 2002 at 04:02:28PM +0000, Daniel 'Doc' Sewell wrote:
> Hello, all...
>    I have a question relating to Ultra 10's & Woody...
>    I'm interested in upgrading some of the hardware on my Ultra 10.  I 
> would like to add another hard drive and network card, and possibly 
> upgrade the video card.
>    Are there only certain video cards I can use on an Ultra 10 with 
> Woody?  Where could I get drivers for Woody & other cards?  How about 
> for the network card?  And where could I find instructions on what kind 
> of hard-drives are compatible with the Ultra 10/Woody combination?

Ever built a kernel? It's likely that you will have to do so in order to
support unconventional UltraSPARC hardware. If you look in the kernel
config under framebuffers, you'll see what video cards are supported
under console. IMO, you'll generally have the best luck with an ATI Rage
128 card (which is supported under console, and under X11 with drm/dri).

As for harddrives, you should have no problem with that. PCI network
cards should be good to (nice having the ultrasparc maintainer also be
one of the primary network device maintainers :)


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