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Crummy looking fonts and intermittent sound

Hello, all...

	Well, I managed to get Woody & X running on my Ultra 10!

	There's just a few things still wrong with my setup:

	1) The fonts look crummy!  I tried using anti-aliased fonts, and I finally 
figured out how to set the resolution to 1280x1024, but the latter only 
helped a little. The fonts look really bad in GNOME.  The fonts look much 
better on my Mandrake box.  The Sparc box does have a 19" monitor, and the 
Mandrake box a 17" monitor, and they are both at 1280x1024, but I don't think 
that accounts for the big difference I'm seeing.

	2) I managed to get some sound out by doing a modprobe CS4231, but it only 
works sometimes when I go to set up the event notifications, and I click on 
an event to sample.  Otherwise, during the actual events, it does nothing.  
Also, XMMS just hangs up when I try to play an MP3.

	3) Some programs, like the IceWM and Penguin Command, and really crummy 
looking colors... it almost looks like they are trying to run at 256 colors 
when they need at least 16 bit color to look good.

	To get Woody to install, I had to do a very minimal Potato install, and then 
upgrade.  There's still not many software packages on the box, so I may be 
missing some essential packages.

	I would appreciate some tips on where to look.  I can post the contents of 
any configuration files you may need to see.

Thanks in advance,

Daniel 'Doc' Sewell
debian-sparc at lists dot debian dot org

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