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Upgrading Ultra 10 Hardware

Hello, all...

   I have a question relating to Ultra 10's & Woody...

I'm interested in upgrading some of the hardware on my Ultra 10. I would like to add another hard drive and network card, and possibly upgrade the video card.

Are there only certain video cards I can use on an Ultra 10 with Woody? Where could I get drivers for Woody & other cards? How about for the network card? And where could I find instructions on what kind of hard-drives are compatible with the Ultra 10/Woody combination?

Also, on a different note... I downloaded some Unofficial Woody CD's for Sparc (dated around April 1st, 2002), but I got a kernel panic when I tried to install Woody off of them. I went to Potato, and it installed fine. I was able to upgrade to Woody with apt-get, but I had some problems getting X to work (probably because of the switch over from the xsun24 to xfree86 driver, I couldn't get my XF86Config-4 setup right). Has anyone else experienced a kernel panic trying to install Woody? If you had success with newer CD's, where did you find them?

I appreciate your patience with my questions. I've been using Linux for several years (Slackware, Redhat, Mandrake), and only recently got turned on to Debian, and only a few days ago, to Debian on the Sparc...)

Doc Sewell
debain-sparc at thezealot dot net

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