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Re: Sound on Sun Blade 1000

On Sat, 15.12.01 16:48, Peter Jones (pjones@redhat.com) wrote:

First I have to correct me, I have a Sun Blade 100 and not an Sun
Blade 1000. I made a typo in the original mail.

> > I am currently running Debian Sid with Kernel 2.4.17-rc1.
> > 
> > Lennart
> You're using a sound card which isn't going to work in a sparc64.  
> Basicly, the card only has 30-bits of address space, whereas pci has a 
> 32-bit memory address space.  The sparc pci controller always assigns 
> addreses with the high bit set, so that's just not going to work.

But why is this sound chip built into the southbridge of the machine,
when it will never work? Solaris 8 has no problems in playing
sound. How does it do this with a sound card which does not work?


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