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Re: Kernel 2.4.16

MPfeifer wrote:
> > Excellent, so you have a work around ~:^)  Seriously, the kernel
> > version will only give you better performance (depending on what the
> > processor is), and who really needs that?  Anyway, this sounds like
> what do you mean with "depending on what the processor is"?
> does NFS not work very well on ie sparc?

There are many different sparc processors, that's what I mean.  NFS
just isn't all that fast on my old hyperSPARC even though it is a
relatively fast one, for its time.

> this is a bit OT, but i heard that NFS on linux has bad performance
> anyway. someone with experience here? coda might be better?

I have extensive experience with both, and believe me coda is quite
slow by comparison.  NFS on linux doesn't have the very well
multithreaded performance of the Solaris or HPUX implementations on
SMP systems, but hey, it costs less!  For modest setups, is works
great, and with the same performance as solaris on single cpu
systems, ie., limited more by media speed or processor speed than
code execution speed.


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