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Re: Problems Installing Debian on a Sparc2

On Thu, Sep 20, 2001 at 12:37:10PM +1000, Del Campo, Damian wrote:
> Hi, I've got a SparcStation 2 and I've downloaded potato for it. 
> I've tried booting with the Debian CD but it doesn't boot, I think this may
> be because the CD is external. It also has two external hard drives so I've
> tried the boot both with them on and with them off.
> I've also tried booting with rescue.bin and the root.bin floppy disks but it
> doesn't seem to notice them. I can see a light near the drive but there are
> no messages during the boot that indicate it has looked at it. (My
> understanding was that I use the rescue.bin, then root.bin then the drivers
> disks, & then I should be able to go from the CDs)
> What am I doing wrong ?

You aren't reading the docs. To boot from other than the default
harddrive, you need to pass a command to the PROM. Read the install docs
for how to do this (basically, you hit STOP+A, then type "boot xxxx",
where xxxx is the something for either floppy or cdrom).


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