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Problems Installing Debian on a Sparc2

Hi, I've got a SparcStation 2 and I've downloaded potato for it. 

I've tried booting with the Debian CD but it doesn't boot, I think this may
be because the CD is external. It also has two external hard drives so I've
tried the boot both with them on and with them off.

I've also tried booting with rescue.bin and the root.bin floppy disks but it
doesn't seem to notice them. I can see a light near the drive but there are
no messages during the boot that indicate it has looked at it. (My
understanding was that I use the rescue.bin, then root.bin then the drivers
disks, & then I should be able to go from the CDs)

What am I doing wrong ?

Do I have to open the machine up and disconnect the internal hard drive so
that it doesn't have any way to boot other than the floppy ?

This comp was surplus to work and nobody remembers the password. I was
hoping to just replace everything with Linux and hence didn't need password.
It currently has SunOS (4.1.3 I think) and when I leave the external hard
drives off, I am allowed to enter su mode, does this help me, what can I do
in this to install Linux ?

Is there a way I can change the bios to boot from the external CD or the
internal floppy ?

Thanks in advance.

  Damian Del Campo
  Software Engineer,  SAGRN Project
  E-mail  	Damian.DelCampo@team.telstra.com

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