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RE: kernel 2.4.x compile failure on Ultra 1

On Wed, 2001-09-12 at 23:34, Ben Castricum wrote:
> I found out that the default sparc config had enabled some qlogic scsi
> driver which doesn't compile. Removing that one from the config solved my
> problem too. But where is the bootable kernel located after compilation with
> "make boot"? All I have is a vmlinux in /usr/src/linux (this is the first
> time I compile a kernel on a sparc)

yeah, you really wnat to compress the vmlinux to a vmlinuz...you can do
this by issuing the command

gzip -c vmlinux > vmlinuz

otherwise, the image will probably be too big and silo won't be able to
load it into memory.  silo is *very* picky about how big the kernel
image is.  in fact, trying to compile frame pointers, xfs, or many
drivers into the kernel (not as modules) will push it over the maximum
size.  I really wish this would be fixed...


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