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New sun4u kernel images

These images are based off of the latest Vger CVS. Also, they've been
compiled with the old trusty egcs64 since it seems there is atleast one
case of gcc-3.0-sparc64 causing a failure on an E250(or was it E450?).

Anyway, if you had unexplained boot failures from the previous images,
please try these.

One other noteworthy bit, is that these images contain a patch for
ieee1394/ohci1394 to make it work for big-endian (IOW, UltraSPARC). Also
contains my patch to the SBP-2 (ieee1394 harddrive) driver, which seems to
be pretty stable for most cases.

Let me know how they do, and I'll get a new set of boot images using
these soon.



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