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Re: Installing debian on a SunBlade 100

Hi Ben and Colin,

> > apt-get install fakeroot kernel-package && cd /usr/src/linux && 
> > make menuconfig && fakeroot make-kpkg --revision hostname.1
> > kernel_image && dpkg -i ../kernel-image-VERSION.sparc.deb
> IOW, install the "kernel-package" package, if you want to do it the
> "Debian way" (e.g. make .deb's), or do the normal thing like on i386,
> which is to download the source, do "make <config type of choice", and
> then "make dep", "make", "make modules".
> FYI, on sparc/ultrasparc, there is no "make bzimage". If you don't use
> the .deb creation, you just run make, gzip the vmlinux, and move it to
> /boot/ along with the System.map. Afterwhich run "make modules_install".

I will try to make the "Debian way". I have some (more) questions :

- is the "standard" tree 2.4.5 (or other) good, or must I add some patches ?
- is there the "standard" .config file used to create the official
  kernel-image accessible somewhere ?
- it seem I need the sparc64-linux-gcc. Which package name is it ?

Thanks in advance.

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