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Re: RAID again

> Ok, some of the ioctl translations aren't done for raid it seems. I
> suggest trying a 2.4.x kernel (especially on sparc64). I could check

Well, as I told you on a previous message 2.4.5, either smp or non-smp won't
boot on this machine.

However when I was trying to see wich translations needed to be made, at
2.2.19 I realised that the code on 2.2.20test1 cvs for the mbr translations
was like the one on 2.4, so I looked at the raid driver and found that it
was not using the old driver that was being used on 2.2 but the new one 0.90
one that is being used on 2.4.

Hey, I just had to intall raidtools2 and it was done, I have tested raid0
for a bit on read and write, with no problems, now I'm testing raid5 with no
problems till now, everything looks fine.

Thanks a lot, Ben, this guys are gonna be happy, and I've got a machine
where to compile for the Fujitsu stuff if we finally get it and it is needed

Sorry for not realicing before O:-)

Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

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