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Debian on SparcClassic


I'm trying to install Debian 2.2r3 on a old SparcClassic Station. I only get
the following failuremessages:

ok boot cdrom
Boot device: /iommu/sbus/espdma@4,8400000/esp@4,8800000/sd@6,0:d   File and

                  Welcome to Debian GNU/Linux 2.2!

This is the Debian Install CD. Keep it once you have installed your
system, as you can boot from it to repair the system on your hard disk if
that ever becomes necessary.

In order to proceed, you must tell the SILO bootloader the CDROM type. Press
either 'I' (for IDE CDROM drives) or 'S' (for SCSI CDROM drives) below. If
neither of these works, then you will need to type in the full name of the
actual device. Pressing 'O' will give you more info on device naming.

WARNING: You should completely back up all of your hard disks before
  proceeding. The installation procedure can completely and irreversibly
  erase them! If you haven't made backups yet, remove the rescue CD from
  the drive and press L1-A to get back to the OpenBoot prompt.

Debian GNU/Linux comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted
by applicable law.

[ S - SCSI ]  [ I - IDE ]  [ O - OTHER ] -- This CD uses Linux 2.2.15
boot: PROMLIB: obio_ranges 1
Booting Linux...
PROMLIB: Sun Boot Prom Version 3 Revision 2
Linux version 2.2.19 (root@auric) (gcc version 2.95.2 20000220 (Debian
GNU/Linux)) #1 Mon Apr 2 13:29:46 EDT 2001
TYPE: SPARCclassic
Ethernet address: 8:0:20:1f:3a:47
Boot time fixup v1.6. 4/Mar/98 Jakub Jelinek (jj@ultra.linux.cz). Patching
kernel for srmmu[TI Tsunami]/iommu
[0]: v[f0000000,f47b3000](47b3000) p[00000000]
SRMMU: Compact physical memory. Using strightforward VA<->PA translations.
Found CPU 0 <node=ffd3b790,mid=0>
Found 1 CPU prom device tree node(s).
Power off control detected.
Calibrating delay loop... 49.86 BogoMIPS
Memory: 70620k available (1336k kernel code, 1300k data, 164k init)
Dentry hash table entries: 16384 (order 5, 128k)
Buffer cache hash table entries: 131072 (order 7, 512k)
Page cache hash table entries: 32768 (order 5, 128k)
POSIX conformance testing by UNIFIX
IOMMU: impl 4 vers 1 page table at f46c0000 of size 262144 bytes
sbus0: Clock 25.0 MHz
dma0: Revision 2
dma1: Revision 2
Linux NET4.0 for Linux 2.2
Based upon Swansea University Computer Society NET3.039
NET4: Unix domain sockets 1.0 for Linux NET4.0.
NET4: Linux TCP/IP 1.0 for NET4.0
IP Protocols: ICMP, UDP, TCP, IGMP
TCP: Hash tables configured (ehash 131072 bhash 65536)
Linux IP multicast router 0.06 plus PIM-SM
Starting kswapd v 1.5
Sparc Zilog8530 serial driver version
tty00 at 0xffee9004 (irq = 44) is a Zilog8530
tty01 at 0xffee9000 (irq = 44) is a Zilog8530
tty02 at 0xffee4004 (irq = 44) is a Zilog8530
tty03 at 0xffee4000 (irq = 44) is a Zilog8530
keyboard: not present
Console: ttyS0 (Zilog8530)
pty: 256 Unix98 ptys configured
Sun Mouse-Systems mouse driver version 1.00
RAM disk driver initialized:  16 RAM disks of 4096K size
loop: registered device at major 7
Floppy drive(s): fd0 is 1.44M
md driver 0.36.6 MAX_MD_DEV=4, MAX_REAL=8
esp0: IRQ 36 SCSI ID 7 Clk 40MHz CCF=8 TOut 167 NCR53C9XF(espfast)
ESP: Total of 1 ESP hosts found, 1 actually in use.
scsi0 : Sparc ESP100A-FAST
scsi : 1 host.
  Vendor: SEAGATE   Model: ST31200N SUN1.05  Rev: 8722
  Type:   Direct-Access                      ANSI SCSI revision: 02
Detected scsi disk sda at scsi0, channel 0, id 3, lun 0
  Vendor: YAMAHA    Model: CRW4260           Rev: 1.0q
  Type:   CD-ROM                             ANSI SCSI revision: 02
Detected scsi CD-ROM sr0 at scsi0, channel 0, id 4, lun 0
  Vendor: PLEXTOR   Model: CD-ROM PX-32TS    Rev: 1.03
  Type:   CD-ROM                             ANSI SCSI revision: 02
Detected scsi CD-ROM sr1 at scsi0, channel 0, id 6, lun 0
scsi : detected 2 SCSI cdroms 1 SCSI disk total.
sr0: scsi3-mmc drive: 6x/6x writer cd/rw xa/form2 cdda tray
Uniform CD-ROM driver Revision: 3.11
esp0: target 6 asynchronous
esp0: target 3 [period 100ns offset 15 10.00MHz FAST SCSI-II]
sda: Spinning up disk..............ready
SCSI device sda: hdwr sector= 512 bytes. Sectors= 2061108 [1006 MB] [1.0 GB]
sunlance.c:v1.12 11/Mar/99 Miguel de Icaza (miguel@nuclecu.unam.mx)
eth0: LANCE 08:00:20:1f:3a:47
eth0: using auto-carrier-detection.
Partition check:
 sda: sda1 sda2 sda3 sda4
sr0: CDROM not ready.  Make sure there is a disc in the drive.
cdrom: open failed.
Device not ready.  Make sure there is a disc in the drive.
VFS: Cannot open root device 0b:00
Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 0b:00
Press L1-A to return to the boot prom

I have no idea what could help. It seems that nobody had any problems like
me on the internet :-(
My old RedHat boots on this System very well and installing it is no problem
at all. But who needs / wants RedHat... ;-) ?
Any suggestions?

Thanx in advance,

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