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Re: Debian on SparcClassic

"Schaller Christoph" <christoph_schaller@web.de> writes:

> thanx for this great tip! It did work fine for booting.  But in the
> end i had to open my scsi-tower, attached to the SparcClassic
> Station, because after booting i did not succeed in telling Debian
> to use the second device for installing kernel modules and so
> on... :-( So I had to 'umount' the first dirve the hardest (by
> pulling out the cableing) way. I did change the scsi ids before but
> it did not help at all.

I think you could have switched to VT2, mounted the CD as /mnt/cdrom
or something, and then told the installer to use a mounted filesystem
to install from.  Just a handy trick in case you get in the same
situation again.

> Now there is one more Potato in my small net @home. A slow one but it is a
> SparcClassic *happy*

Cool.  I have a classic too, and it definitely makes my other
computers feel faster...

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