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Debian, X, Ultra 5, Type 6 keyboard

Many moons ago, I asked the question in here about how to get a Type 6
keyboard working under X with Debian...

No one was able to help me. I've even had a few people strike the same
problem and email me since then...

Well, today, I can announce that I've found a valuable use for Red Hat on
Sparc, looking at it's XF86Config file :-)

You need to put these lines in your keyboard section and all becomes good:

    XkbRules    "sun"
    XkbModel    "type5"
    XkbLayout   "us"
    XkbCompat   "compat/complete"
    XkbTypes    "types/complete"
    XkbKeycodes "sun(type5)"
    XkbGeometry "sun"
    XkbSymbols  "sun/us(sun5)"

I'm happy now...


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