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Re: Install problem on a Sparc 2

Gee, I am considering the merits of becoming frustrated. . .

I have very carefully created the disk partitions sda1 /boot, sda2 swap,
sda3 whole disk and sda4 /. with a new Sun disklable. I do the install,
either attempting to fix the damaged link or leaving it alone. in either
case, the creation of the boot floppy fails and rebooting fails.

Now there may be an error message that flashes on the screen just after
I attempt to make the system bootable from the hard drive (before the
system attempts to make the boot floppy), but it vanishes too quickly to
be seen. Is there an install log that is generated that might be

If I do a Alt F2 and look around before rebooting, there seems to be a
normal looking file system mounted on /target in sda1 and sda4. Can I
use the rescue disk and boot this beast and work from there?  What would
be the boot parameters that I would use at boot?

Arr..  John T

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