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Re: Install problem on a Sparc 2

"DREIER Frédéric" wrote:
> >and the hard drive boot setup seems to fail.
> I had a problem to boot from HD too. At the end of the installation, just
> before rebooting : check if the soft link "/target/dev/vmlinuz" points on
> "vmlinuz-2.2.18pre21-sun4cdm".. on my sun it was pointing on
> "vmlinuz-2.2.18pre21" which does not exist.
> dreier.
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Thank you. I would not have found that in a hurry. In my case. the
incorrect soft link was in /target/boot/vmlinuz > vmlinuz-2.2.18pre21

I changed that just before the make boot disk step, and the boot disk
step failed again. when I rebooted, I got an error message that 'the
file just loaded does not appear to be executable' 

So I still have something wrong. In the sun system, is there some type
of flag on a partition to make it bootable, like in an Intel system? How
do I tell if I have it set?  I still do not know if I damaged the
partition table (or it's equivalent) during my first install attempt.
John T

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