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Re: ELC: potatoe or slink?

> On Mar 23, Ashley Ward scratched in indelible ink :

> me to bring my doorbell custom audio back up ;).  I've thrown away the
> screen part of the ELC, leaving just the CPU board and daughter board with
> the connectors.  I've soldered onto the SCSI port, enabling me to connect a
> 200Mb hard disc
You're an evil evil man.  I like you!

(seems to work OK, but I suspect conflicts between the HD
> and CDROM may be causing the local CDROM installation to fail, which is why
> I tried the network variant...).  I have 16Mb on board.  The thing will be
> housed in a tupperware box...
THe only way that you will get conflicts between the HD and the CDROM is from
identical SCSI ID numbers.  Make sure that they are different and all will be
happy.  Don't forget termination too though.

<slink or potato CD?>

I canna say, having never actually used a CD to install debian, other than my
486 boxen...  tftp/bootp nice :)

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