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ELC: potatoe or slink?


I've got a very non-standard ELC setup that RedHat 6.1 fails to install on
(hangs when installing ldconfig when installing from local CDROM, gives
"Watchdog Reset" when attempting to start the installation program when
attempting to install across a network).  Eventually, the ELC will enable
me to bring my doorbell custom audio back up ;).  I've thrown away the
screen part of the ELC, leaving just the CPU board and daughter board with
the connectors.  I've soldered onto the SCSI port, enabling me to connect a
200Mb hard disc (seems to work OK, but I suspect conflicts between the HD
and CDROM may be causing the local CDROM installation to fail, which is why
I tried the network variant...).  I have 16Mb on board.  The thing will be
housed in a tupperware box...

I like the look of Debian - the documentation on the site seems clearer
than RedHat, and Debian appears to be more interested in the non-i386

I'd like to download an ISO image and try Debian.  Does anybody have any
recommendations as to whether I should go for the older 2.1 slink release
or the newer 2.2 potatoe for this ELC?

Many thanks for any help.


          Ashley Ward - Graduate Teaching Assistant - PhD year 3
     ashley@dcs.warwick.ac.uk - http://www.dcs.warwick.ac.uk/~ashley/
Room 3.16, Department of Computer Science, University of Warwick, Coventry

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