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Re: Half-baked potato/woody Xsun

> > I've decided to go all out and get woody on there. However, it doesn't
> > appear that Xsun has been upgraded to 4.0.2 like most of the other X
> > apps. Is this gonna throw me for a big ugly loop?
> AFAIK, there's no such thing as Xsun 4.0.2. The new server
> is "xserver-xfree86" and installing it will pull other needed
> packages too.

Aha! So there's finally a port of XFree86 to Sparc? Okay.

> > apt-get upgrade is still running...
> apt-get dist upgrade is better. 

Yeah, I did an apt-get dist-upgrade first. My resident debian guy tells
me that this will do base upgrades, and an apt-get upgrade after that
will take care of everything else. Eh, in any case, I think I'm getting
up-to-date on the box.

> At least, about 2 weeks ago when I did this (almost) everything 
> went just fine.
> Configuring the new Xserver is a pain however, so I'm attaching
> my /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 here. 
> Edit the graphics driver under section "device" and your keyboard 
> model and layout accordingly. (and possibly fontpath)



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