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XServer Sun24 keeps crashing (Creator3D)


has anybody else experienced XServer crashes with the 24bit Sun XServer from Potato on a Ultra10 Creator 3D? I have a lot of reproducable crashes in KDE plus running Acroread remotely. The window is at least partly visible but then the server is gone.

One way to get this is:
> ssh -X otherMachine
> acroread

and that's it. If the user never started Acrobat Reader before it will display the licence notice but after the main window is displayed (even with PDF if given from command line) the server will vanish without any comment (at least I wasn't able to find it).

The same applies for a local KDE installation. A bunch of programs crashes like the filemanager, the control center and some of the smaller apps.

Any idea what goes wrong? Any idea how to fix/workaround it?


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