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Re: Sparc ELC reporting Power-On SelfTest failure..

Ryan Kirkpatrick wrote:

> On Tue, 24 Oct 2000, Erick Kinnee wrote:
> > I see the same thing on my SS2 with a new NVRAM. If you read the
> > hostid/NVRAM FAQ closely there is mention of some ships failing POST but
> > working just fine. I ended up with the 200ms chip that mouser.com
> > carries. They said they were out of the 150ms ones when I orderd. I
> > figure the speed difference is what's casuing this problem. I may be
> > able to test this exactly as I now have an IPX that needs a NVRAM too.
>         Now that you mention it, I do remember that part of the NVRAM FAQ.
> Though I just checked, and I did get the 150ns NVRAM from mouser.  Oh
> well, at least I don't have to re-enter all the IDPROM data each time the
> system boots. :) Also just realized that I paid as much for the NVRAM chip
> as I already had in the system to begin with (surplus sales are great :).
>         As for the IPX, I have one of those two (my web server), and as
> far as I can tell, its NVRAM chip is fine (for now...). Anyway, thanks for
> the help.

Funny that my IPX doesn't keep time anymore when switched off.
I just haven't turned it off. Oh well I'm using a Classic now anyway.

Well I used to use the Classic around 1 year ago using redhat 6
unfortunately one of its tasks was to burn cd's which would lock up
the scsi bus (still burn't a perfect cd though). It all ended one day when the
scsi failed completely as
well as locking up the frame buffer. I converted it to a Classic X and
replaced it with the IPX which suffered the same problem so I installed
slink which didn't cause lockups. Recently I fault tested the Classic's board to

find nothing wrong and found the scsi working again and the rest is history.

Now I'm holding my breath.

N.B. everything runs debian now.

Peter Firmstone.

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