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Re: Sparc ELC reporting Power-On SelfTest failure..

On Tue, 24 Oct 2000, Erick Kinnee wrote:

> I see the same thing on my SS2 with a new NVRAM. If you read the
> hostid/NVRAM FAQ closely there is mention of some ships failing POST but
> working just fine. I ended up with the 200ms chip that mouser.com
> carries. They said they were out of the 150ms ones when I orderd. I
> figure the speed difference is what's casuing this problem. I may be
> able to test this exactly as I now have an IPX that needs a NVRAM too.

	Now that you mention it, I do remember that part of the NVRAM FAQ.
Though I just checked, and I did get the 150ns NVRAM from mouser.  Oh
well, at least I don't have to re-enter all the IDPROM data each time the
system boots. :) Also just realized that I paid as much for the NVRAM chip
as I already had in the system to begin with (surplus sales are great :).
	As for the IPX, I have one of those two (my web server), and as
far as I can tell, its NVRAM chip is fine (for now...). Anyway, thanks for
the help.

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