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Re: booting, mounting / and software raid

> debian 2.2 on an e250, kernel 2.2.17 with the raid-2.2.17-A0 patch
> applied, using raidtools-dangerous-0.90-20000116, silo 0.9.8-1.
wel, i've never tried it on a sparc, but i'm running RAID1 on a i386 (2x
2.2.17 + raid-2.2.17-A0 patch + raidtools2 0.90.990824-5 (potato)

> if this is a rtfm or faq somewhere, please point me in the right
> direction...  haven't had any luck finding the info myself.
I got it all from the software-RAID-HOWTO.

> i'm trying to mirror two 9gb drives, sda and sdb.  got the other
> filesystems mirrored and mounted, but i'm failing miserably trying to boot
> and mount root off the array.  is that even workable?
yep. it's workable and not really difficult ;)
(well, on i386, anyway. i'm not sure about the sparc...)

> following the software raid howto, i've created a /dev/md1 device which
> contains /dev/sdb1 and /dev/sda1.  sda1 (the original root partition) is
> in as a failed disk.  mounted /dev/md1 on /mnt, then tried `silo -r /mnt`
> and received:
> Fatal error: Couldn't find out what device is second stage on
i'm not sure if silo supports 'Linux raid autodetect' types for
partitions, but that's what i use for lilo.
This way lilo knows how to deal with it ;)
further more, you have to make sure, you 'root-raid' is up and running and
contains all the necessary stuff for lilo/silo (like the second stage...)
And of course you need to say root=/dev/md1 and not something like
root=/dev/sda1 or something...

> as another question, is it still true that it is not possible to mirror
> swap partitions?  if so, then the mirroring doesn't give me what i want,
> anyway, but i'm still curious to know the answer...
yes, swapping on raid is also possible (it's just another device,

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