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Linux 2.2.17 on SPARC & AX25/BPQ

Hello Everyone,

Ive cross posted this message to debian-hams, and debian-sparc,
, as it involves both, so my apologies if this is off topic for 

(In replies, please only send to the list that you are subscribed
to, or me directly, in an attempt to reduce the amount of cross

Anyway, I have potato installed, currently running, and was 
about to recompile my kernel (2.2.17) with AX25 and BGP support.

However, I note that there is no BPQ option in make xconfig, and
after a little digging, I find that it is in the i386 architecture
source tree, but not the SPARC.

My question is simple (and I know strictly speaking this is 
could be considered slightly off-topic for both lists, sorry), 

Does BPQ (AX-25 over ethernet) work on Debian-SPARC ? Is it
just someone has done a merge of two trees, and the config 
stuff got lost ? Or does BPQ rely on something on the i386
architecture ? Or am I missing something totally obvious ?

I have tried both the stock kernel, and added Mattias's (DG2FEF)
patch [from DG1KJD's home page], and found BPQ missing in the
kernel config stuff both times.

Personally, I see no reason why BPQ shouldn't work, after all
ethernet frames are ethernet frames, but maybe the BPQ driver
doesnt talk to the Sun Lance driver ?

(After all, under intel architecture, how can it know what
particular Net Card it is talking to ?)

Anyway, any help, or advice will be gratefully received and
apologies to anyone on both lists who finds this off topic

Best Regards


PS: Althought I am (supposidly) on both lists, please CC
iain@g7iii.junglelink.co.uk, in order to ensure I actually
receive your reply [Don't ask, else Ill start the ISP/MTA
/Whatever broke this time rant...]

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