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Re: multiple copies of mpicc

On Fri, Oct 20, 2000 at 07:30:06AM -0700, Shandar Ahmad wrote:
> I installed mpich using the debian package on my new
> debian SPARC cluster. It makes three copies of mpicc

This sort of thing isn't really Sparc-specific - you'd probably get a
better response by asking a list like debian-beowulf or the package
maintainer (if things are breaking you should probably file a bug

> /usr/bin/mpicc
> /etc/alternatives/mpicc
> /lib/mpich/build/LINUX/ch_4/bin/mpicc
> and /lib/mpich/bin/mpicc

> (This is also true for other mpi directives e.g.
> mpirun).

> Can one tell me what are these four copies meant for
> and how to make a better install.

That looks roughly like what it did when I used to maintain MPICH
(assuming the /lib directories are really under /usr/lib) but this may
not be the case.  Anyway:

If you look you'll probably find that all those copies are the same
thing symbolically linked.  The files in /usr/lib/mpich are there
because that's where the MPICH upstream source wants to put them (both 
copies).  /usr/bin/mpicc is there because that's where users expect to
find their executables.  Since there are multiple MPI implementations 
in Debian, each of which can provide things like mpirun, mpicc and mpif77
these things in /usr/bin are managed using the alternatives system,
which symlinks from /usr/bin into /etc/alternatives which symlinks to
the real binary.

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