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Re: openprom> whereis silo\n

On Tue, Oct 10, 2000 at 03:29:27PM -0400, Ben Collins wrote:
> What is the SCSI ID of the Linux disk? Sounds like you are trying to boot
> one that isn't SCSI ID 3 (the default that SPARC tries to boot). You'll
> need to specify something like "boot disk2" or something. Then in linux,
> edit /etc/silo.conf to put the boot block on the correct disk. The reason
> it is done this way is to prevent from breaking installs where
> Solaris/SunOS is on one disk, and Linux is on another (common setup).

Or, if you don't have to worry about Solaris, etc. or can't put the boot
block on the "right disk", you can change the default by:

    cd /proc/openprom/aliases
    cat disk2 > disk

or put the right alias for whatever you want to be the default disk in


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