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Re: installation difficulties

Daniel Freedman wrote:

> Thanks for the suggestions, but I still haven't been able to make it work.
> I now partition my 2.1 GB drive as follows:
> /dev/sda1:      50 MB        mounted as /boot
> /dev/sda2:   ~1500 MB        mounted as /
> /dev/sda3:                   special Sun Disk Image (type 5)
> /dev/sda4:     512 MB        Linux Swap (machine has 256 MB RAM)
>   Rebooting with command: disk1
>   Boot device:/iommu/sbus/espdma@5,8400000/esp@5,8800000/sd@1,0 File and
>   args:
>   SILO boot:   < I type: "linux" >
>   Cannot find /vmlinuz (Unknown ext2 error)
>   Image not found.... try again

It still could be the known problem with older PROMs that Joshua 
described. The SILO configuration file should also be below 1GB.

What happens if you do `cat /etc/silo.conf` from the SILO prompt,
or when you try the following from that prompt:

boot: 1/vmlinuz-2.2.17-cdm

If this boots, you might want to copy /etc/silo.conf to /boot,
and create a symbolic link from /etc to /boot/silo.conf so that
your system can find it.


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