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Re: CD-ROM install problems on SPARCstation 5

On Tue, Oct 17, 2000 at 01:08:40PM -0400, Mark Mohrmann wrote:
> Good Afternoon:
> I'm continuously getting hung-up in the middle of an install
> from a Debian GNU Linux CDROM on a SPARCstation 5. During the
> 'Install Operating System Kernel and Modules', 'Select Debian
> Archive path' part of the install, it cannot find the directory
> which contains the file 'sun4cdm/images-1.44j/rescue.bin'.
> If this is not the proper list for questions/help of this sort
> would you please direct me to a better forum? 

Is that 'j' in that path a typo or does it really say that? The CD install
should automatically do all this. You should have to tell it these things.
Are you booting from the CD, or from floppy and using a CD for the


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