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Re: JDK for Sparc64

>>>>> "Juergen" == Juergen Kreileder <jk@blackdown.de> writes:
    Juergen> I don't know what DIY means but I should have phrased
    Juergen> that differently: ".deb packages" instead of "Debian
    Juergen> packages" would have been better.

DIY == Do It Yourself.  IOW, the ability to build your own .debs which
you've just confirmed is the case.

    Juergen> Currently there are ia32 packages for Java2 1.3, Java3D
    Juergen> 1.2 and JAI 1.0.2.  Sparc packages will follow soon.

I'll go and double check the .debs produced by said same Real Soon Now
(ia32 & sparc).


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