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Re: sparc-newbie questions

Hendrik Seffler <hendrik@filmateleven.de> wrote:

>> >  There really isn't a version of communicator or navigator for Sparc-Linux, is
>> >  there?  The netscape site seems to think everyone running "Linux" would be
>> >  on an i386 architecture .. or am I missing something?
>> There is a Netscape 4.51 (IIRC) which is not available from Netscape
>> anymore. I extracted my copy from Redhats SRPM.

>Slink had the binaries for the sparc-linux 4.51, but they were never built
>into .debs. I can do this and make them available, if people are
>interested (I use mozilla now-adays).

It's fairly straightforward to get the needed netscape packages from slink.
However, if you have an Ultra, I suggest trying Mozilla (=>M17).
The available Netscape 4.51 is really flaky on sparc, but mozilla is too 
heavy for our SS5. (therefore I use w3m or links...)



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