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sparc-newbie questions


 I've finally got a decent sparc (Ultra-10) box to run Debian on.  I've been playing
 with Debian for years on the i386 .. and was most impressed with the way that 
 "things just worked" again, once I got rid of Solaris on this machine.  I have hit a
 couple of problems, though, that aren't FAQ's, and aren't in the manual, and can't
 find in the mailing list archives.

 Has anyone gotten a Token-Ring (PCI) card working under Sparc-Linux?  It's
 notable by its absence on the supported-hardware list, but such things tend to
 be out of date.  Of course, TR is out of date, so I'm not really optimistic.  It's just
 that I'm currently routing from ethernet to TR via a Novell box .. and I'm even
 less optimistic about that working well forever.

 My keyboard under X (using either KDE2 or Enlightenment) is confused.  Most
 keys work, but for l, m, return, etc.  l & m don't return anything, return throws up
 a 'c', for example.  It's odd.  That's with type5.  With type6, it's as though all the
 keys are offset by one position to the right.  That's odd, too.  Things are, of
 course, fine under normal console. My XF86Config (which does appear to be
 used under sparc..?) has :

    XkbModel    "sun"
    XkbKeycodes "sun(type5)"
    XkbKeycodes "sun(type6)"

 I've dis-disabled the XKB stuff, but that results in no joy at all.  I'm using a normal
 Sun keyboard (type6), under kernel 2.2.17, pure potato, and the Mach64 server.

 There really isn't a version of communicator or navigator for Sparc-Linux, is
 there?  The netscape site seems to think everyone running "Linux" would be
 on an i386 architecture .. or am I missing something?

 Potato has a netscape & communicator -base's, plus some -nethelp's, but
 doesn't let you know you'r about to be horribly disappointed when you apt-get
 and install those stubs.


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