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Re: switching consolefonts on U10?

On Fri, Aug 25, 2000 at 07:38:38AM +0200, Iggi wrote:
> Hello SPARC friends,
> I really need some help from you gurus. May it be possible that the default
> Console font size is inside the kernel config? Because when I start from the
> clean D2.2 SPARC boot-cd on a SPARC 5 the console is switched into 128x54
> just after starting the kswapd 1.5, even Mandrake 7.1 beta does it, but on
> my U10 it switches into the "ugly" 80x23 and I have really no clue where to
> look at??? :-(( I looked inside rcS.d and rc2.d for the init scripts but
> they are the same on my S5 and U10. The only difference is of course the
> hardware. Can someone provide me a hint or the correct syntax of the
> consolefonts cmd.

The difference on the CD is the kernel. You can change the default font by
passing the correct things to silo. If you already have Debian installed,
you can add this to /etc/silo.conf:


Note, the font you are getting is the sun12x22, and even though it may be
large, you can always adjust the framebuffer to get more resolution. Check
the fbset(8) command and /etc/fb.modes file.


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