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Gnome-Helix binaries for D2.2 USPARC

Hello SPARC friends,

has someone built the binaries (or even an installer package) for the
gnome-helix release? Would be great if I do not need to spend hours (maybe
days ;-)) ) trying to download and getting it running. Has the misbehaviour
that was mentioned by Erik Mouw ->

>>I just upgraded my Sparc Classic from frozen to stable, and I got the
>>following two errors:

>>gnome-panel depends on gnome-panel-data (>= 1.0.55-2.0.1)
>>gnome-help depends on gnome-help-data (>= 1.0.55-2.0.1)

>>The available version of both gnome-panel-data and gnome-help-data
>>is 1.0.55-2.

been taken into consideration for the next release after the CDa release?

Thx and bye


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