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Re: XsunMono Segfault on IPC. (update)

> The Xsun* servers in Debian toss up a splash screen which is stored in that
> directory.  XBanner1.ras is a monochrome Sun raster file.
thought as much.

> However, I'm pretty sure that development on that line of X server is dead;
> efforts have moved over to Sun hardware support via the XFree86 4.x server.
I know.
Unfortunately there were/are no linux/sparc binaries, and i don't even
think about compiling xfree86 4.0.1 on a IPC/24Mb/200Mb ;))

> But if you want the unstripped binary, I can make it available to you.
I got it working without the raster-file (thanks to Ben) ;))

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    - Andrew Clinick.

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