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How do I compile a kernel similar to the stock ones in that it autodetects the
framebuffer and what mode to use?  I have no idea what mode to manually set in
the Makefile for my ELC, and the framebuffer HOWTO is vague for sparc
architectures.  Whenever I compile my kernel without setting the SVGA_MODE in
the Makefile, I either get a PROM console (if I compile it in, EXTREMEMLY SLOW
and eventually hangs) or nothing, it just does its thing without telling me.

I read that what it should do is detect for the framebuffer first, then if it
doesn't find one fall back on the console.  But I can't get my kernels to find
the framebuffer, they just skip it over.  If it helps the ELC has a bwtwo on
sbus slot 3.

So how do I do what the Debian kernels do and set up the framebuffer to be used
automatically, and at whatever mode is appropriate?

Ben Roberts, Class of 2001 (1st of millenium), founding member of MBLUG

"If your motherboard smells like carcinogens it's time to get a new
        -- Ben Roberts, refering to his SPARC

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