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Re: potato ss5

On Tue, Aug 01, 2000 at 06:42:24PM -0700, Shandar Ahmad wrote:
> I installed slink instead of potato on ss5 (I guess
> potatoe would be just the same) and installing the
> base was straightforward. I simply made the image
> files for the root, boot, drivers and base systems. I
> am however, unable to go further from the base system
> as I do not have a cd drive in my ss5 and also I do
> not have access to internet. So I want a floppy
> installation. I am unable to mount floppies which
> mount on my redhat notebook in -t ext2. Looking for
> help!

Make sure you create floppies using "mke2fs -O none". I'm assuming your
slink install is a 2.0.x kernel, and the RedHat box is a 2.2.x. Note, you
should probably make upgrading to a potato kernel your first priority
(2.2.17pre-sun4cdm kernel image).


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