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potato ss5

Hello I got problem with instaling potato (TC3) on SS5.
When instalation start, everything goes fine, SILO ask me for CDROM I want
to use, I choose S for scsi, linux start but on detecting CDROM it hang and
just write Reseting scsi bus
	   SCSI bus reset interupt
and on and on.
I found somewhere that bootparam max_scsi_luns=1 helps. 
So I type linux max_scsi_luns=1 and ... It goes through the detection but
after it it wants root floppy.
I tried to type many root=/dev/... like bootparam
but it doesn't help.
If somebody help me I'll be realy happy cause this is my third dist on this
ss5 and I'm getting tired.

Thanx Pepe.

My ss5 spec:
ss5/170 (TurboSparc)
HD scsi 2.1GB
External CDROM DEC RRD42 

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