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Re: Mouse device?

On Sat, Jul 08, 2000 at 12:59:20PM -0700, Steven Stillaway wrote:
> After much fun with rarp, arp, tftpd & nfs I finally got debian linux 
> installed on the old sparc 1 that I got a hold of.
> I had one strange issue with X though.  It could not find the mouse.  X was 
> set to look for /dev/mouse, which did not exist.  I know that /dev/mouse is 
> usually just a link to a real device, but I did not know what.
> I found a reference that told me that the sparc mouse was device c 10 6 -- 
> so I use mknod to create /dev/mouse (which worked), but I am still 
> intereseted to know what the mouse device is called by default in a sparc.
> I also found it unsual that debian did not create the symlink from 
> /dev/mouse to this device, whatever it is.  Is this normal?  It was with 
> debian 2.1.

The default mouse device is /dev/sunmouse. It should be there, and X
should be using it.

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