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Re: Mouse device?

character device major 10 minor 6 is 'sunmouse', which you can look up along
with all the other devices in the kernel source documentation, the file named

I'd also recommend finding out what other devices you need and don't need by
checking that file, and then cleaning out /dev tremendously.  For example,
don't have a tape drive? delete st?, st??, nst?, nst?? (you could use *'s
but it's dangerous to clobber lots of files carelessly in /dev)

On a sparc I take it you don't have IDE, so you can also get rid of hd??,
hd???, and lots of other things.  If you don't use sound you can delete mixer*,
sequencer*, dsp*, and on and on...

Ben Roberts, Class of 2001 (1st of millenium), founding member of MBLUG
/dev/null-- the inode of no return	|	C stands for Superior
(until devfs came along; now no inode)

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