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Re: Can't start Squid on Debian Sparc

On Wed, 10 May 2000, Josh Kuperman wrote:

> I'm trying to set up what for now will be a second squid to use for
> testing. 
> I can't seem to get Squid going on the Sparc version of Debian
> Linux. I believe there is a problem starting the dnsserver
> processes. But I can't quite tell which of the following is causing
> the problem.cd 
> 1. I just need to configure a local dns server on the machine running
> the proxy.
> 2. The errors reflect a bug in the code used for the .deb package. 
> 3. My configuration is wrong. It is the defaults except for changing
> the cache size and adding acls so some machines can actually use the
> cache.
> I'm sending this to both Squid and the Debian Sparc list just in case 
> assertion failed: StatHist.c:93: "((int) floor(0.99L + statHistVal(H,
> 0) - min)) == 0"

In the past, we've found this to be caused by broken compilers and
incorrect header files.  You might try a different C compiler
if you can get one, or maybe change the compiler optimization options.

Duane W.

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