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Re: 2.2.12 boot disks

Ben Collins wrote:
> Fresh new boot disks, available on the mirrors soon, or on the site below
> if you're impatient.
> These boot disks boast a lot of non-sparc specific fixes (many thanks to
> the whole boot-floppies team for their great work). However, there are
> some sparc specific improvements. They now have 2.2.15-pre19to20 kernels.
> Test them extensively please, especially those of you who were having
> sun4c (IPC) problems.

Well, I actually managed to boot from floppies with these disks, which I
couldn't with the slink disks. However, when trying the TFTP image, it claimed
not to be executable. This is on an Ultra 1.

I did have a problem with the installation though. After selecting my tasks,
the installer exited complaining about something unexpected on the first line.
I'm afraid I dont have the exact error message, but I just ran dselect, which
worked fine.

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