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Problem with modutils in potato

Yesterday I have updated modutils from 2.3.9-3.1 to 2.3.11-1 (in potato),
using dselect and the automatic upgrade selections.

Today, I have noticed that /sbin/modprobe and all the other executables
contained in the modutils package for slink (e.g., lsmod, insmod,
modinfo) have disappeared from my system. Only the 4 executables contained
in modutils_2.3.11-1.deb (genksyms, depmod, kerneld, update-modules)
remain. This is obviously a big trouble.

-- Is this a bug in modutils_2.3.11-1, or might have I done something

-- I want to understand the upgrade mechanism. When one does a package
update and the updated package does not contain some files which were
previously present in the older package (as in this case), are these files
first removed and then the newer files substituted to the older? 
I think so, otherwise all the file dependencies would break, I just want
to be sure. 



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