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[bjb: Re: Success story: potato on Sparc Classic]

Oops, I sent this to debian-user by mistake, should have sent
it to debian-sparc.  Sorry!

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On Wed, Apr 12, 2000 at 09:00:40AM +0200, BAUDIN Maxime wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 11, 2000 at 05:08:24PM +0200, Erik Mouw wrote:
> > is that X doesn't work yet (I get a white screen, and the server says
> > something about not being able to load PEX fonts), but I'll first check
> > the mailing list archives for clues.
> well, last time I saw that,
> it was because an X-something package was missing.
> (I think it was xbase-client, that wasn't required (or suggested) 
> when selecting xserver.....)
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That looks similar to my recent X problem.  I had just
installed debian slink on my sparc.  When I tried to run
xdm, I got the PEX fonts error, plus it said it could not
find a screen or a screen resource or something.  When I
rebooted (for another reason) the xdm login screen came up.
I don't know what the problem was, but maybe rebooting is
the solution.


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