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Success story: potato on Sparc Classic

Hi all,

I just want to let you know that I've been able to install potato on a
Sparc Classic. I've used the boot+root floppies to kick-start the process,
and installed the rest from ftp.uk.debian.org. The only minor drawback
is that X doesn't work yet (I get a white screen, and the server says
something about not being able to load PEX fonts), but I'll first check
the mailing list archives for clues.

Oh, something different: what kind of memory does a Classic need? It
currently has 24MB installed, and I have a couple of 8MB 60 and 70 ns 72
pins PC SIMMs, but I'm not sure if it needs fast page mode or EDO SIMMs.
I'm also not sure if a Classic really needs parity memory.


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