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Re: Requesting a build of non-free XForms library.

I wrote:

> > Could someone build the sparc package?  

BAUDIN Maxime wrote:
> xforms is not free at all, and T.C. Zhao, the owner of xforms
> needs a sparc to do a binary version of xforms.

I know.  libforms0.88_0.88.1-3.tar.gz (which I built) contains
glibc2.0 sparc binaries.  It has:

 Architecture: i386 alpha powerpc sparc m68k

The rules file does stuff like:

 ARCH=`dpkg --print-architecture`
 cp FORMS/$(ARCH)/libforms.a debian/libforms0.88-dev/usr/X11R6/lib

Please, someone make a deb out of it?  Or does anyone know how my i386
platform can fake being a sparc with dpkg-buildpackage?

I'm just trying to get some of my packages into the sparc
distribution, which I don't use myself, for the sake of users
(the absence of XForms and Lyx for sparc came up on debian-french
yesterday).  So it doesn't matter to me personally all that much
if I'm ignored; I won't be pestering the list with this.  It's
clear that contrib packages are second-class in non-i386 arches
because the auto-builders don't seem to pick them up (assuming
most packages get uploaded by the maintainer for i386).  The
question is whether it's the maintainer's job to make sure they
get built for all arches or not.  I don't know the answer to

> > lyx could then also be
> > built by someone (as well as jazip, xwatch, xplot, xcolmix and
> > likely other packages that depend on XForms).                
> I compiled lyx with a glibc2.0 xforms (redhat 5.0 version I
> guess) version not so long ago, It seems to work, but I
> definitively prefer emacs and barbarian code.

I don't use lyx either.  But this is about making it available for
our users.

> If someone wants to contact T.C. Zao officially (Ben ?) :
> tc_zhao@yahoo.com

Feel free.  I exchanged emails with him last summers, but he
hasn't responded to anything I sent since the fall.  The web and
ftp sites are not responding either.

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