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Re: Serial port support on IPX

On Thu, Apr 06, 2000 at 03:06:40PM +0000, Peter Firmstone wrote:
> Hi,
> New to Debian and wondering if the serial ports on the IPX are supported?
> /bin/dmesg reports the kernel serial module as failing to load, do I need
> to recompile the kernel and select the correct module?
> I know how to recompile the kernel however I have not performed this
> operation on debian before, I hear debian has some special tools, I would
> like to use the correct tools before messing with the system.
> Any hints on where to look for documentation or what program to look for
> under /usr/doc/ would be greatly appreciated?
> N.B. the IPX did for a short time run RedHat, which is were my linux
> knowledge comes from.
> I am running slink r4 with 2.0 kernel.

Try upgrading to the 2.2.14-sun4cdm image in potato (you can install that
without upgrading anything else). You WILL notice a marked improvement in
performance with a 2.2.x kernel on sun4c system, I gurantee.

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